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Maglie manica lunga The construction and quality of their line of cycling shorts, jersey, jackets, tights, and accessories comes from the tight control they demand over the entire process of making and marketing the clothing. &nbsp;</p> </div> <div class="blog-content clearfix"> <div class="content-wrap clearfix"> <p>Their tight internal controls start at the research and design process, continues through the manufacturing of the clothing, and ends at the distribution of it. &nbsp;All of the Giordana cycling clothing that you find in any retail cycling shop has been handled solely by employees of Giordana to that point. Giordana offers a full line of biking clothes that fits all temperature ranges. <a href="http://www.puntomatch.it/Gazzetta-Ciclismo-Clis11-Uomo-Maglie-Ciclismo/Squadre-Ciclismo-Clis161-Maglie-Manica-Lunga"><em><strong>Maglie manica lunga</strong></em></a> Whether you are riding in the middle of summer or the dead of winter, you will be able to find bike clothing that will keep you comfortable and on your bike year-round. &nbsp;The winter cycling apparel that Giordana makes includes cycling jackets, tights and bib tights, long sleeve jerseys, base layers, shoe covers, merino wool socks, winter cycling gloves, arm/knee/leg warmers and head wear.&nbsp;</p> <p><a href="http://www.puntomatch.it/Giordana-Abbigliamento-Ciclismo-Cicli4300-Maglia-Manica-Lunga-Bianchi-Milano-Leggenda-Bianca.html"><img alt="Maglia Manica Lunga Bianchi Milano Leggenda Bianca A Poco Prezzo" class="alignleft" height="290" src="http://www.puntomatch.it/image/cache/11336_1-320x320.jpg" style="float: left" /></a></p> <p>Within each product category, such as long sleeve jerseys, you will find several different apparel collections that vary in price, construction, and temperature ranges. &nbsp;This type of selection holds true for all product categories within their winter cycling clothes as well as their summer cycling apparel. Maglie manica lunga The Giordana summer cycling apparel includes short sleeve jerseys, sleeveless jerseys, bike shorts, cycling bib shorts, lyrca shoe covers, gloves, low-cuff socks and moisture-wicking base layers. &nbsp;The goal of Giordana by offering so many different options in every season is to appeal to a mass audience of cycling enthusiasts -- from the recreational bike rider to professional cyclists. <em><strong>Maglia Manica Lunga Bianchi Milano Leggenda Bianca A Poco Prezzo</strong></em> The Forma Red Carbon Collection is the pinnacle of Giordana bike clothing -- the best of the best. &nbsp;The line encompasses hot summer riding, cool autumn riding, and well below freezing riding. &nbsp;The summer apparel consists of a short sleeve jersey, shorts and bib shorts, gloves and socks, but the heart of the FR-C collection is really in the Forma Red Carbon Bib Short and The Forma Red Carbon Jersey. &nbsp;The Forma Red Carbon Jersey is fit to hug your skin tightly without having room for flapping in the wind. &nbsp;The design and fit is obviously race-inspired, so if you're looking for a loose-fitting jerseys, this one isn't for you. &nbsp;</p> <p>The FR-C bib shorts have moisture-wicking properties to bring your sweat away from your skin, up to the exterior of the shorts and up into the ski as it evaporates. &nbsp;The chamois in the Forma Red Bibs is the T-Select gel OmniForm chamois. <strong><em>Maglie manica lunga</em></strong> This comfort chamois is also in the winter cycling tights and bib tights -- keeping the collection inline from one riding season to the next. &nbsp;Also in the winter FR-C bike clothing, the Forma Red Carbon Jackets vary in weight and material for the reason of hitting different weather conditions and temperatures. &nbsp;There is an FR-C jacket for windy and rainy conditions, slightly warmer spring temperatures, and for cold-weather riding when extra insulation is needed. The Silverline apparel collection, like the FR-C collection, delivers bike clothing to meet your needs as a summer cyclist or one that rides throughout the winter. &nbsp;Maglia Manica Lunga Bianchi Milano Leggenda Bianca A Poco Prezzo To get an understanding of where the Silverline collection falls in the hierarchy of Giordana's products, it is right below the Forma Red Carbon items. &nbsp;Prior to the introduction of FR-C, it was the top-of-the line offered by Giordana -- so to say that the Silverline bib shorts or popular Silverline jersey is not as good of quality as the FR-C, isn't accurate at all. &nbsp;The new Silverline Bib Shorts are some of the most anticipated cycling shorts hitting the market this year, with the increased color options and newly-design bib straps aimed at add more in-ride comfort, they will be sure to be a hit. &nbsp;The Silverline short sleeve jersey uses different moisture-wicking materials, one under the arms and another one for the sleeves and rest of the jersey.&nbsp;</p> <p>The cycling jersey has been made for hot conditions and does a great job of keeping you dry and comfortable when you're working hard in the saddle. &nbsp;And with the new Silverline shorts and bib shorts you can match them to the jersey for a pro cycling kit-look. Maglie manica lunga The Laser Bib Short is one of the most respected bib shorts on the market. &nbsp;Many cyclist's introduction to the Laser bib shorts is their first time going beyond the entry level cycling shorts. &nbsp;You know you have made a step up in cycling shorts when you first feel the ultra-compressive Lyrca used and the the heavy-duty stitching that combines the different panels and attaches the chamois to the shorts. &nbsp;The chamois used on the Girodana Laser Shorts and Bib Shorts is called the T-Select OmniForm Insert. &nbsp;The T-Select is an elastic chamois made to move with you while your own the bike and pull back to it's original form when you're off the bike. &nbsp;Maglia Manica Lunga Bianchi Milano Leggenda Bianca A Poco Prezzo The Laser Jersey is a short sleeve cycling jersey that resembles the Forma Red Jersey in it's fit and materials used -- race-inspired and technically advanced. &nbsp;It has a low-profile look that isn't bulky or cumbersome when you're on the bike. &nbsp;The fit is designed to be tight, more like a skin suit than a t-shirt. With so many different cycling apparel options to choose from it might seem difficult to find the right pair of bib shorts or cycling jacket for you. &nbsp;But to be honest, whichever pair of Giordana cycling shorts or jersey you go with, you won't be disappointed. &nbsp;The quality and workmanship of Giordana clothing is second to none and the designs will keep you looking fashionable. &nbsp;The next time you see the Giordana name know that they're a front-runner in the bike clothing industry. To find the full-line of Giordana bike clothing online, check out Indie Bike.</p> </div> source: http://www.puntomatch.it/ </article> <footer> <p> Copyright &copy; 2016!</p> </footer> </body> </html>